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progress. the fire's up 20% contained. president obama and governor brown are involved. the governor toured the area today. president obama called governor brown yesterday, offering federal support if needed. richard sharp is near the fire line. we hear about the damage and the fire. tonight, we hear about the people. >> reporter: the last drop of the day for this tanker, before darkness forces the tanker away from the fire line. during the night, crews on the ground try to contain the flames. people watch the helicopters fortify the fire breaks this afternoon. saying the smoke from the fire is affecting them. >> in the morning, heavy, thick smoke. hard to breathe. >> reporter: along highway 108, people watch the fire creep closer. diana lives nearby. her son and expectant wife live closer to the fire line. does it make you nervous? >> very nervous. for them. >> reporter: helicopters fill the sky. for helicopters can make quicker trips. that helicopter right there is called a sky crane. they're coming in cycles because the fire is just over the hill. we look, there's another one, right ther
were killed. >> obama we need your help! >> reporter: outside the white house, demonstrators called on president obama to halt the bloodshed in syria. u.s. officials say there's little doubt chemical weapons were used last week in an attack that killed hundreds, leaving the president to consider plans for a possible military strike. >> we are prered to exercise whatever option, if he decides to employ one of those options. >> reporter: as the white house spent the weekend lining up support from other world power, syria finally agreed to let u.n. inspectors see the attack site on monday. the area has been shelved for the last five day, likely destroying evidence. >> i think we will respond in a surge callaway. >> reporter: though some are calls for action, few want boots on the ground. >> something that gets their attention, that causes them to yuptd stand that we are not going to put up with this kind of activity. >> reporter: the navy has four destroyers in the mediterranean, missiles ready to fire at the president's order. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >>> many people in isra
was in washington meeting with president obama and attorney general eric holder. quan, part of a group of mayors discussing several topics. mayor quan says she asked president obama for more funding for oakland police and for the fbi and atf. >>> their jobs are to save lives. the paramedics in alameda county are revealing to us a broken system. >> tony kovaleski is here with results from a six-month investigation. this is one of the biggest responses in the bay area. >> they cover a critical area. an area where shootings and stabbings regularly make headlines. firefighters are usually first on scene. but the paramedic response can mean the difference between life and death. >> i'm afraid for anyone that needs help in the 911 system. >> en route. >> they don't know the people are being dispatched off of shootings for people that are intoxicated, complaining of headaches. >> reporter: he's a veteran paramedic working in alameda county. >> code three. >> i don't see how somebody's vomiting is in more dire state straits who over someone who has been shot. >> reporter: alameda changed their dispatch
obama is saying could happen next. >>> we'll have more on the closing of the bay bridge. more live reports later in the newscast. >>> a live look at the bay bridge. it is closed and the heavy equipment has come in. the crews are working on that level to bring in the asphalt, lay it down. you can see a live look right now. the crews are laying down, striping, repaving and getting ready for the big opening the day after labor day. it is closed to traffic for the next five days to so that workers can get it finished and open tuesday morning. we invite you to stay with us. we'll let you know if anything changes with the opening and how to get around town. >>> will the u.s. take action against syria in we may know more by tomorrow morning. the president says he is confident that the syrian government used chemical weapons on its people last week. >> the attack killed hundreds of people. u.n. inspectors are in syria investigating the attack. earlier today the u.n. secretary council did not reach an agreement on a british proposed plan that would authorize military force against syria. pr
is wednesday and president obama plans to mark the moment by giving a speech at the same time and from the same place as dr. king did 50 years ago. >>> new at 11:00, the owners of this puppy want him back. the police say the nine-week-old puppy was stolen from a locked car in mountain view this afternoon. his name is uso and he is a mix of a chihuahua, dachshund and pit bull. he is super friendly and loves people. the car was parked to where central expressway meets mountain view boulevard. it is not clear how the thief broke in to the car. >>> also new at 11:00, new york is suing donald trump. the state attorney general filed a lawsuit against trump today for $40 million saying the real estate mogul's trump university engaged in deception, steering students in to expensive and mostly useless seminars. trump responded to the lawsuit with a post on twitter calling the attorney general a lightweight who's trying to extort him. >>> all right. from that we will go to weather and check in with anthony. it was a beautiful day today. >> it was beautiful. in fact, our winds have begun to pick up. the l
improves, but are capped at 8.25%. >>> president obama's health care overhaul has turned into a big win for a silicon valley company. the government just gave e-health permission to use its internet-based platform to help get insurance. >> it's to simplify the process, put that information in clear language, allow you to compare plans side by side, just as if you're buying a laptop online. >> investors liked today's news. shares of e-health jumped by almost 30%. the company makes money by collecting commission. >>> diaries written by three women kidnapped and held captive were revealed today. the details are chilling it confirms more than 900 counts of kidnapping, rape, assault and aggravated murder leveled against castro. he pleaded guilty and will be sentenced tomorrow. >>> police in texas pulled over george zimmerman for speeding over the weekend. tonight we're looking at the dash cam video of that traffic stop. you can see it here. zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in the glove box and he was going nowhere in particular. police gave him a warning and told him to slow down. thi
chemical weapons attack in decades. the obama administration, britain and france are demanding u.n. expers in syria be granted immediate access to the area to investigate. in egypt, a court ordered the release of ousted president hosni mubarak from jail to house arrest. he is a military dictator overthrown in 2011. several weeks ago, mohamed morsi was removed from power. eversince egypt has been in violent turmoil on the streets. testimony fear the release could lead to another era of military dictatorship. >> san diego's mayor is poised to settle his this. lawsuit. they say bob filner behaved inappropriately towards them. a proposed settlement has been reaped and will be presented to the city council in a closed session on friday. that hasn't stopped calls from the democratic national committee for him to step down. >>> for the first time, kidnap victim han nab anderson is speaking out about her ordeal. the interview airs tomorrow morning on the today show. anderson was allegedly kidnapped in southern california and rescued in idaho after james dimaggio was gunned down by police. the ande
of chemical weapons that could send gases across the region. the obama administration says the president is prepared to move ahead with limited military action. >> congress members from both parties have voiced reservations about using force against president have the president's regime but they have little chance of stopping it. >>> meanwhile, one country won't be getting involved soon is britain. today the parliament voted against a motion to participate in any military strike. the parliament members say they need more evidence that al assad is upon for chemical attacks before they approve any action. >>> it has been nearly two months since that deadly crash at sfo. >> while the official cause of the crash remains open, we went in search of answers and we discovered something that they have been quietly warning about. >> the ntsb investigators are reviewing to see if it played a role in this crash. you've been following this since day one. >> absolutely. we learned that pilots call it flying by the stick versus flying by glass. manually piloting an airplane versus relying on auto pilot
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8